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Note of airless bottles

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  Note for attention
* When proportion、density or making tolerance of bottle are different that will cause the capacity of bottle different.
* The contents will have the common difference value magnitude of error existence.
* Our goods are composed of the plastic product, therefore any will cause the plastic slight change of the disinfection way not to be able to do.
* For example: the high temperature heating、bakes、boils、light methods.
* Electricity aluminum-plating、spray painting color or injecting color that between each batch of cargos have chromatic aberration lightly.
* Standard disinfection:(1)Ozone room disinfection (2)Lozenge disinfection
* The suggestion hands over by specialized raw material chemical industry packing factory processing and avoids seeping or the bottle damages the question production.
* The glass disinfection way do not use the immersion way.
* The printing ink on the bottle will possibly fall off because of the immersion way.
* The pump pressing out the quantity is 0.2~0.3cc.
* First time use the pump, must press the pump to the bottom for all route.
* After press out some material, then can control micro presses out.
* Entrusting us to develop the products mold either the printing bottle body's inscription or the design confirmed that provides by the customer and guaranteed does not have violates other person's patent, the trademark rights and so on.
* If has the involvement to violate the third party rights and interests, thus needs to compensate or the lawsuit, by requested that the customer bears all legal liability voluntarily and all should adopt the compensation expense.
* Our product information of catalog are many, fears has the mistake.  Therefore related bottle size、capacity and material quality, please defer to the actual sample and your company contents actual fill in primarily
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