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Note of airless bottles

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  Note of airless bottles
* The content of airless bottle can not to fill with the oil、liquid material etc.
* The content must be to flow and not including the pellet with the granulated substance shape with low thickness.
* When content fill into the airless bottle, because it use the vacuum theorem with pressing airless pump, then make bottom piston of airless bottle upward to impel.
* Filling in the content need to use the specially machine and avoid to fill in the air into the content and bottle, because will cause the airless bottle unable to press or not press suitably.
* Don’t use fun motor to fill in, because will produce the bubble.
* It is need to fill the content to the pumps shoulder, and the content must be touch the airless pump for pressing content.
* Please keep the bottle in indoor, prohibit under sun or height temperature and don’t long-term heavy pressure.
* Disinfection way do not use high temperature roasting、high temperature disinfection way or air compression jet way.
* Because the above way can destroy the airless bottle and the piston size of bottle, will cause the content can not pressing out or leakage.
* The blowhole under airless bottle bottom does not use any way to cover.
* For example:using label sticks to the hole, will cause can not to press.
* Using low speed、 low flow and average dispersion fill in the content.
* Another, the gallbladder of bottle must be keep flat to fill and do not incline to fill.
* Let's can not askew of piston and the content leak.
* Don’t press or touch the bottom of bottle because it will change the piston size and get leak.
* When fill in, we suggest the mouth diameter of fill in pipe must bigger, and the length of fill in pipe must shorter than the length of airless bottle. To avoid the fill pipe touch the piston to cause leak.
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